House Blend
House Blend House Blend House Blend House Blend House Blend House Blend House Blend House Blend

1lb package of coffee.

Monthly Subscription

Click through the links below to learn more about each type of coffee we sell. We generally do all of our bean roasting on Thursdays.

Soul Serenade

A medium house blend brings the light brown sugar and chocolate notes colliding with ripe plum. Offers a soft acidity and clean finish.

Wapiti Blend

A medium/dark specialty blend that offers a nice balanced cup with chocolate notes and nutty almond sweetness. Balanced with a pleasant citrusy play against a slightly bitter finish leaving you wanting more.

Espresso - Midnight Oil

A rich velvety body bringing a sweetness that's highlighted with lots of dark chocolate and caramel that lingers at the end with a subtle bitterness. This espresso produces crema that will impress.

Organic Espresso

Soft caramel and lighter tropical fruit notes allow you to savour this sweet espresso. An espresso not as bold as the Midnight Oil makes this wonderful blend very versatile. A crowd pleasing coffee any way you like to brew.

Organic Decaf SWP Blend

Organic premium espresso beans decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.  This rich blend of Central and South American, and Indonesian origins makes for a clean, sweet, balanced cup.